Simple Resume Template for Microsoft Word

Resume Template Description

This simple resume template for Microsoft Word uses conservative typography and muted colors that will print well. The format of the resume produced is chronological, which is preferred if you have steady job experience that you are able describe well. It is free for your use. (Use our free functional resume template if you want to highlight your skills rather than experience instead)

Resume Format

A simple resume template for Microsoft WordUsing a good resume format results in good resume writing. Using this free resume template for Microsoft Word creates a clean and professional resume that will print well. The resume format is chronological, preferred by most hiring managers over functional or hybrid resumes.

Most hiring managers will print your resume to review it too, and this simple template allows you to put your best foot forward. It uses modern, muted colors (medium-dark blue, very dark brown, and black), and simple, conservative typefaces.

The typography is ready for good resume writing, too. Use the styles that are built into this resume template and the consistent formatting is taken care of! Simply replace the sample information in the professional summary, experience, education with your data and you are good to go! Keeping your resume format consistent, conservative, and simple is easy.

This resume template for Microsoft Word also allows you to save it as simple text. This will come in handy when you send your resume to an Applicant Tracking System. Since the resume is formatted chronologically, better Applicant Tracking Systems should be able to extract dates and other data minimizing you editing time when you apply.

We also have a free functional resume template for Microsoft Word, if that should suit your case better. It sometimes is preferable to use a functional template to call attention to your skills. Learn more about it.


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